Rainbow trading company

Our speciality

Assurance of quality in Rainbow trading company happens right from procurement to delivery of tea to end customers and quality is at the core of everything we do. Our main speciality is we collect the samples of tea dust from various plantations and it will be tested by our quality testing team through various process and will deliver. With our excellence in this field, we share forefront for supplying world-class array of products from Kerala(India). We are designated with a position of trustworthy suppliers involved in dealing with Flavored Tea and offering the best deals. We can be contacted for purchasing Natural Tea. Our 100% organic tea is devoid of and any chemical compounds.

We bring you the “Cup that Cheers ” from a family where Tea is a tradition for over Four Generations.

Almost all teas in bags and most other teas sold in are blends.Green tea,CTC Dust,ORT Dust,CTC Leaf,ORT Leaf, etc; Experience the best and most refreshing Pure Herbal Tea with Rainbow trading company. We offer the fine quality pure black tea perfectly balanced with sugar and milk. We procure Organic Herbal Tea from trusted manufacturers that select excellent quality tea leaves for manufacturing organic tea. Our Green Leaves Tea is in great demand in international and has buyers in various countries. The popularity of green leaves tea

Export quality teas

From manufacturing up to packing of our products are done by well trained technicians and professionals to maintain the quality to ensure that our customers are wholly and truly satisfied with our products. We follow a steadfast policy of timely execution of our customers order. Quality checks at each and every stage of production coupled with strict quality control measures ensure product uniformity and reliability.

Our quality assurance

Our goal is not just to look forward to profits but rather to build a solid company and also to serve our customers and make our employees proud and feel that they too contribute in our achievements. We owe our success to the proper use of knowledge of our employees and valuable comments and ideas from our long time customers, our greater strength.